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Here is some new things going on with GC

Friday, December 16th:
The park on Bushkill at Shawnee Mountain
opens its gates for public park and pipe riding

Jibs completed:
30' Kink Box

It's Official
Keith Kreischer is now the assistant park manager for shawnee mountain as of 11/1/05. Duties include installation, layout, flow, matinence, jib repairs, setups, etc...
Trail Extension
We have decided to extend our trail all the way to the top of the mountain. In doing this, it adds at least 60' of extreamly steep terrain needed to hit the main jump of 40'+. All obsticals were removed for a safer drop in, but we must insist that only advanded riders ask to come ride at the mountain.
New 23' custom coping added to the C-Box.
This custom size coping will allow for a more smooth slide on the c-box compared to the previous coping that was mounted on first. The coping now is almost one continious piece making it next to impossible to catch those edges.