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Team Riders

Keith Kreischer


Bryan Kreischer


Keith Kreischer: PSAR - (ParkBuilder)

6'0" 190lbs. My stance is regular at +15 degrees and

-15 degrees. I love to build jibs and create perfect jumps. I will be working at Shawnee Mountain this coming winter as their assistant terrain park manager. I will be in charge of day-to-day operations, matienence, setup, and installation. I enjoy riding at Stratton and Killington Mountain VT, Mountain Creek NJ, Hunter Mountain NY, and my home the GC base. My favorite Jib trick is a nosepress to backside 180 out, and my favorite air trick is a giant lofty backside 180 over any huge booter.

Next August I will be going back to school at Green Mountain College VT, to study Resort Management. See you on in the parks!


Sam Kelley: PASR - (MostlySamKelley)

I enjoy snowboarding, but most of all I enjoy watching other people enjoy snowboarding. I am all for getting better, but not at the cost of a good time to do it! I am the creator of lifeline and co-founder of GC. I keep everything to the point. I love snowboarding!

Bryan Kreischer: PASR - (ParkRider)
6'0" 153lbs. My stance is regualr at 15+ in the front and -15 in the back. I love to shred big and small obsticales. I like them all. I like a jib where i can do all of my tricks on like a nice long straight box. A little kink and C box never hurt also. I mainly ride at the GC Park, Moutain Creek NJ, Shawnee PA. Im hoping to take trips up to Vermont with my friends sometime this winter to shred Stratton and Kilington. My favorite trick is frontside tailslide, when I'm not destroying myself, 270's and frontside 360 tails. Hopefully you will all get a chance to ride the GC Park!
Joe Kelley: ( )
I enjoy a 3 foot day just like anyone round' these parts. But i will settle for anything like 2 inches or up. Anyone who lives and our area know what we mean. I ride at Mountain Creek "unfortunatly" and hopefully will begin to ride at Shawnee mountain this upcoming year. Obviously i am involved with all the suckas at GC and ride their park... As you can tell. Hopefully this year will go as smoothly as planned.
I love snowboarding. Thats the bottom line.  See you around

Marco: coming soon...