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Garage Creations

What Is GC?
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What Is GC?

History of
Garage Creations

      This past winter season of '04/'05 Garage Creations was created to push the envelope of Northeast Pennsylvania snowboarding. Local ski areas had not quite gripped the concept of freestyle snow sports. Four riders based in Milford PA, decided to take matters into their own hands, literally. In mid August of 2004 plans were made, supplies were bought, and work began to create a privately owned and operated Jib Park. When one feature was finished, another started. By the time the first snow flake fell, five new features littered the small yet very effective base. Because all of the Jibs were built in local garages, the proper name was given to the developers... who we now know as Garage Creations (GC)


Our table plateau during the summer months at the base of our mountain.

The Past Jib Fabrications

Back in 2003 Bryan received a phone call from Sam Kelley. Sam heard about a trail that we had cut out on our mountain, next to our house. It so happens that the trail led right down to a turkey mound. We had the idea to build a small tabletop complete with a transition, with the help of the turkey mound giving us the shape.

Sam, Joe, Bryan, and Myself all got together and started planning for the winter and figured out some of the things that would be possible. At the first snowstorm came our first jump... 15' long, not much I know. By the time the second storm hit, we moved the jump back another 10-15 feet and made a giant 30' tabletop. We even extended the transition longer to accommodate the distance of the jump. By the end of the season we cut out another trail that had a 12' flat box. The rest is history. Last year we hosted the following features over the course of the season. 8' flat rail, 8' fun box, 12' fun box, 16' double barrel rainbow rail, 15' battleship box, 10' c-box, 20' s-box, 10' high quarter pipe (which was lowered over time for speed purposes) and of course the 25' long tabletop.